The Process

Here at Boca Rio, we have four easy steps to ensure a perfect order. The first step is to create an account by letting us know your contact information. The second step is the project. Receiving information about your organization or purpose for your order will help us create a vision so we can better assist you for the best options for your needs. This information includes budget, quantities/product, and due date. From there, we are able to start the third step, which is the Design. If design is created already, please send over as a vectorize image(screen print) or digitized image(embroidery). Don’t have one yet? No worries we have in-house graphic artist who can assist with that but would need ideas or thoughts you had in mind to lead us in the right direction of what you are envisioning. The final step is the fulfillment. After approvals of the design, production is started and your project will be completed 7-10 business days!

Online Stores and Fundraisers

Start by selling custom made t-shirts and take donations without stress, overstock, and hassle.  Just design your apparel, explain the cause, and share your campaign. We do the work for you! Bocario Fundraising is a great tool for any group, cause or community.



Screen Printing is the most common and cost effective process that is used for all types of material to incorporate your custom logo or design. At Boca Rio it is important to us that your creativity is fully displayed and transferred onto your product that will not only look good, but have durability.


Screen printing is created by printing an image on film, burning it onto a screen, and ink is applied to that screen in order to put your design onto a garment. The more colors the design has, the more screens are needed, and the more setup time and materials are required.


We screen print with plastisol ink which is industry standard. It is thicker compared to the process of digital print or water based ink. Screen print with plastisol ink is the best option for designs that require high level of vibrancy, specialty products, or if you are on a budget.

If you are looking for a softer look and a more eco-friendly process water based inks is an alternative option. With this process the inks literally become part of the garment whereas plastisol ink sits on top of the garment. This does increase the price of your order, but what you receive is a softer feel and look.


Direct to garment print involves your artwork being processed and printed directly onto the product by a computer. It is not a transfer, the ink is directly applied onto your shirt. This option allows for lower quantity of shirts to be ordered since there are no screens involved. DTG option is best for items that require large amounts of detail, colors, actual picture images, and for smaller quantity orders. For the best results, lighter color shirts are highly recommended for this process.

heat transfer

Heat transfer involves a printed design being printed with specialty ink on specialty paper and transferred onto the garment through heat and pressure of a machine. It is not printed directly onto the shirt like screen print or digital print, nor is it dyed into the shirt like water based ink. This is recommended for complex designs, large amount of color, and smaller orders. The durability here depends on the care of the garment since it is not directly applied.


Boca Rio’s in-house embroidery team carry out projects using the latest technologies and by making your order their top priority. At Boca Rio, every stitch of every order is of the highest standard. Embroidery is an entirely different process than that of screen printing, digitial print, or heat transfer. It is higher in price, however, highly recommended for products like polos, jackets, and bags where customers would like higher quality and professionalism added onto their order. Depending on the purpose, design complexity, and budget embroidery is a great alternative.

Pricing for embroidery varies for every project depending on the amount of stitches, as well as placement. Please contact us if you have any questions.

tackle twill

Tackle Twill is a form of applique commonly used for numbering and lettering on custom team jerseys and fan gear. This type of decoration provides a high-end professional or collegiate appearance by getting fabric material cut to the simple design, letters, or numbers and then stitched onto the garment itself. Aside from using this option on team jerseys one could also look into this option for collegiate style hooded sweatshirts. This is higher in price than standard embroidery, however, what you receive in return is a highly durable and bold sweater. This option can also be combined with standard embroidery or screen print to provide texture and depth of your design. Just remember the more complex and larger design the more it will fluctuate in price. Due to the process there is a minimum required.


Are you looking for a grand opening banner? Team banner for a soccer team, football team? Sponsor banner to showcase your sponsors? Or pennants as an option for little league gifts?

Vinyl material for banners is the way to go. We offer double hemmed, grommeted vinyl banners as an economic option to effectively display your message. These are all custom and can do any size you need. Price depends on size and whether artwork is provided.


  • Yard signs (perfect for realtors, candidates running for office, showcasing team spirit)
  • Vinyl Decals (can be used on window doors to showcase business hours and logo, for vehicles, or as a promotional product to hand out)
  • In need of a more durable signage? We also offer corporate signage for reception entrance, A-Frames, Feather flags, banner frames, light boxes, LED and Neon signs, and other sign stands for your branding needs.
  • Off to a trade show for your company? We can set you up with all the required essentials needed to brand your company or organization.

offset printing

We offer many options to continue branding your organization or getting your message out to your audience. Here are some of the many options we offer:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers /posters
  • Post cards
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Invitations
  • Decals for labeling, promotional, etc.