screen printing

Screen Printing is the most common and cost-effective process that is used for all types of material to incorporate your custom logo or design. At Boca Rio it is important to us that your creativity is fully displayed and transferred onto your product that will not only look good but have durability.

Screen printing is created by printing an image on film, burning it onto a screen, and ink is applied to that screen in order to put your design onto a garment. The more colors the design has, the more screens are needed, and the more setup time and materials are required.

Minimum Quantity: 24

Turnaround 7-10 business days 

Tip: Perfect for bulk orders 

Plastisol Ink 

We screen print with plastisol ink which is industry standard. It is thicker compared to the process of digital print or water based ink. Screen print with plastisol ink is the best option for designs that requires a high level of vibrancy, specialty products, or if you are on a budget.

WaterBased Ink

If you are looking for a softer look and a more eco-friendly process water based inks is an alternative option. With this process the inks literally become part of the garment whereas plastisol ink sits on top of the garment. This does increase the price of your order, but what you receive is a softer feel and look. It is also eco-friendly which you can never put a price on.


Discharge printing removes the t-shirts dye instead of putting a color on top of the garment. It is similar to bleaching except it does not damage the fibers. The result? Awesome and super soft prints that are part of the shirt.